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Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension!

Welcome to OuterSpanish Listening Drills, where we hope you can develop your listening comprehension. Improving this area can be difficult to do if you don't live a native Spanish-speaking country where you're constantly listening to Spanish.

To learn Spanish and develop listening comprehension will be one of the toughest aspects of learning Spanish that you will find. The benefits, however, of becoming very proficient in your Spanish comprehension is that, one, you will understand native Spanish speakers and, two, you will in turn develop your Spanish pronunciation.

To accomplish this, you literally have to immerse yourself in Spanish audio every day. For many of you, spending time in a Spanish-speaking country will not be feasible. However, there's no reason you can't develop good Spanish listening comprehension without leaving your home, and all because of the Internet.

First, start listening to Spanish radio every day. BBC Mundo has a great 15-minute world news summary daily podcast in Spanish that you can listen to for free. Also check out VOA Podcasts in Español, which also offers the news in Spanish.

We strongly recommend you check out Yabla Spanish: Lo Más TV, an online video magazine for Spanish learners who wish to improve their language skills. We love this site because you get to watch native Spanish speakers talk and at the same time see both the Spanish and English transcripts, which you can turn off for extra practice. At the very least, check out the free demo!

Other highly popular Spanish podcasts include Notes in Spanish, Coffeebreak Spanish, and a really good one, SpanishPod.

We think every Spanish student should take advantage of LingQ, a wonderful free resource in which you can read various texts in Spanish, be it a news article or story, and listen to the Spanish audio transcription at the same time. You can also download the Spanish audio files to listen and continue practicing.

One great way to improve your Spanish listening comprehensiong and, in turn, your conversation skills is to practice with native Spanish speakers. Check out Mixxer, a free website where you can meet native Spanish speakers from around the world to engage in a language exchange. You spend some time speaking in Spanish so you can practice and then some time in your native language so they can practice. The only requirement is to have Skype, so you can make computer to computer calls. If you don't have it, click here to download the newest version.